Halo Custom Basses are designed for the working musician. We built these basses for high performance and to last a lifetime of use. Each bass is built with a combination of quality tone woods, premium electronics, and high-grade hardware components.

Halo Custom Basses are setup for smooth, low string action, perfect intonation, and great weight balance.

I must say, you have built nothing short of, a WORK OF ART. The bass plays and sounds amazing!. It actually is a relief to play compared to the other basses I currently tour with. And I thought they played pretty damn good. Where have you guys been all my life? You have made me a work of art. A magnificent bass that will be hard to let go of...

- Sean Delson of Fozzy, Stuck Mojo, and Agent Cooper
- Review of his Halo D-Spawn 5 String Bass

This bass is perfect for metal and that's exactly what I need it for. I use it mainly on the clean channels but occasionally I'll switch it to my distortion channel when needed. I can't say I have any complaints with the overall sound and tone. It's Bright but not harsh, and when compared to my active 4-string bass, it has a nice warmer growl... just something cool and eerie about it. It's gonna sound great on stage and I'm definitely looking forward to how this thing will sound in the studio!

- Bryant Furman of Malthus
- Review of his Halo Octavia 5-String Bass
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