MERUS - 6-string, 25.5" Scale, Kahler, Fuchsia
This Halo MERUS 6-string guitar is a gig-ready instrument that will perform night after night. The ..
GVK - 6 String, Floyd Rose, Flat Black
The Halo GVK Carved Guitar - Own a piece of Halo history The Halo GVK Series guitars have been in p..
MERUS - 6-string Fretless Guitar, Transparent Red
This item is B-stock. B-stock items have minor cosmetic imperfections that do not affect the playabi..
CLARUS - EverTune, 6-String, Blue
The Halo CLARUS 6-string, Evertune Guitar is a pro-grade instrument that plays in tune and intona..
MERUS - 6 Hannes, Natural Walnut
This Halo MERUS-6 Hannes Guitar is designed for the most discerning players. The Juggernauts ar..
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