Nick W. on 03/16/2018 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Ordered a custom Merus 7 string, It's an amazing instrument, sounds and plays better than i expected it to, absolutely gorgeous finish and very, very solid build quality, no blemishes anywhere, perfect fretwork, I took my fret rocker and checked, every fret was perfect. Very neat soldering in the electronics, and I had an excellent experience with the customer service. More available body shapes, pictures throughout the build process could be ways for Halo to improve further. Other than that, nothing that i can think of, all of my questions were answered by the great communication i had via email throughout the whole process.
  • Overall Rating5
I love this guitar. It’s one of the best guitars I have and the only one that is professionally set up so it beat my expectations... a completely satisfied costumer... and I will be looking forward to ordering from you guys in the near future.
  • Overall Rating5
Daniel N. on 03/14/2018 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
I ordered a custom Salvus Semi-hollow, which I absolutely love. I'm able to dial up any guitar sound imaginable on any record with the mix of Tele and Strat pickups and humbucker along with the 25.5" neck and 24 frets. The workmanship is outstanding for the price and Jeff and his team are willing to do what it takes to make sure you're satisfied with what you receive. I would recommend Halo to a friend. My only two issues were the time it took to receive the guitar (roughly a year) and especially the lack of communication throughout the process. However, once I voiced my frustrations to Jeff he was extremely understanding and did whatever was within his power to ensure I was happy and informed the rest of the way. Thanks for bringing my dream custom guitar to life, I truly appreciate the effort and quality of the work you guys did!!
  • Overall Rating4
Octavia-wide neck - love it. I play better on the Octavia guitar compared to an electric-acoustic. The pressure on strings can be soft and it sounds great.
  • Overall Rating5
Anon on 03/09/2018 Purchased: Halo Custom Bass - Customization Tool
At the end of the day, Halo guitars love guitars and try their best to deliver customized guitars.
There are a few takeaways that new customers should be aware of:
1) They're not experienced with creating graphics. After already being charged, It took me 2 months to nail down a design and I had to do most of the design legwork.
2) They will be late with the delivery. They're a small shop and almost never turn down orders. They will make mistakes. My order was delayed 3 months even after periodically (3 months gap) checking in. I was given the same excuse multiple times 'letting the guitar adjust for a week' and ultimately they told me they forgot.

Although Halo does have these drawbacks, I would still order from them again. The guitar plays great and I have a more realistic insight on what to expect when dealing with Halo.

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: Thank you for your feedback as it will help us improve.

1) Regarding graphics, as of February of this year (2018), we switched over to a new substrate and process for applying custom graphics to all our instruments. The result is the final product is even better than before because it conforms to more contours, can be applied over top transparent finishes, cuts cleaner, adheres better, and is significantly thinner overall. We experimented successfully with several guitars last year using this new process so it is now our standard process for all guitars ordered with custom graphics moving forward.

2) We are a small shop indeed. Last year, we brought in a new Production Manager to improve processes and implement changes so we could build better guitars faster and on schedule. We are just now starting to see the results of the changes and we're doing much better in this area.

Thank you again

- Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars
P.S. please contact me if you place another order and I'll be glad to apply a discount

  • Overall Rating3
Love this guitar buying a guitar that fits me has made playing so much easier thank you
  • Overall Rating5
Anonymous on 02/20/2018 Purchased: Halo Custom Bass - Customization Tool
The guitar is absolutely beautiful, the craftsmanship is second to none. The instrument was well worth the wait. I'll be a customer for life! Several setbacks outside of Halo guitars control led to a long build time. Not a big deal given the overall complexities of crafting a completely custom instrument. Upfront communication and updates from the company would have been nice. That being said, Jeff was prompt in responding and was always helpful.
  • Overall Rating4
Luke on 01/25/2018 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Ordered a V. Faster turn around time would be awesome but waiting for a superior product is well understood. Would I recommend Halo to a friend? Yes
  • Overall Rating5
I have been playing guitar since I was eleven and have around twenty Gibson USA, Parker USA, G&L USA, Godin (Canada) and ESP (Japan) guitars.
After playing this Halo TJ-6 for just a few minutes I was amazed at the sound and excellent play ability of this guitar. It is a little on the heavy side, but I can live with that just fine as it has so many other positives that outweigh the weight.
By far the "BEST" playing and sounding guitar I have ever owned!
Right out of the box this thing was set up perfectly, just some slight tuning and she was ready to play. I think I have finally met my perfect match in the guitar world in this instrument. She is finely crafted, beautiful playing and sounding, and an inspiration to hold in my hands. She is to me one of those rare guitars that come to you only once or twice in your life that inspire you to create, and create we shall!
Thank you Jeff Lee and all the great people at Halo. You have inspired me!
  • Overall Rating5
Leo Michel Belanger on 11/24/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Archtop Guitars Customization Tool
WOW thatzSo WOW!!! The guitar of my dreams is being born :) Some behavior not work... like the 8 string fanned and would be nice to have a wider cutaway to access the 27th frets on a scalloped fretboard. No visible Luminlay®. Side Markers to. The 3-ways toggle button should be at the top, near the neck, or it would be better to move any contrôles to the place we want.
I put in attachment the image of a guitar that I try to do with the Archtop Guitars Customization Tool.
I want to say in addition that this tool is really very impressive, and that it must continue in that way.
Really a big thank you Halo Guitars.
Leo Michel Belanger
  • Overall Rating5
Kyle McNamee on 11/15/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
I absolutely love this guitar! I just received it a little over a week ago and ever since I plugged it in, I haven't wanted to put it down. Not only does the guitar sound absolutely amazing, the design and all the little details done to it are perfect! I own a few guitars, but none of them even compare to this one! If anybody was looking into buying the best quality, I'd only recommend Halo. If you're seriously thinking about purchasing a guitar from Halo, do it!
  • Overall Rating5
Grady on 11/09/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Bass - Customization Tool
Very happy with the bass I received. It took approximately 11 months to receive but given the price and that they are fully custom instruments, it doesn't bother me at all. My only constructive criticism would be for more realistic build time estimates; though I do understand not everything always goes as planned. All in all, I would recommend to a friend and I'll definitely come back for my next custom.
  • Overall Rating4
Jeff E. on 11/06/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
It is without a doubt, the best guitar I have ever played. This is over 33 years of playing.
I didn't get specific about the neck dimensions when I placed the order and was wondering if I'd regret it. Turns out it is absolutely perfect.
The finish although quite different from the pic, was a nice surprise. Like how the spalted maple with the whitewashing type of finish brought out a faint aqua blue.
The EverTune bridge feels nice too.
The two minor things that I would have liked is the back plate be routed into the body like the one for the controls and that I thought the spalted maple would also be on the headstock as well . No big deal though as I'm more about the playability and the function.

  • Overall Rating4
Leo on 11/05/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Bass - Customization Tool
7 string basses would be awesome. More colours, bursts, shapes, inlays and woods would be very cool too, along with more fret count options, including 26, 30, etc. Image is a Warwick Streamer LX #16-3141
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When are you guys gonna update this tool?
  • Overall Rating4
Zakk on 10/18/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
I received my guitar a couple days ago and I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s hands down the best guitar I’ve ever played. You guys didn’t miss a thing! I’ve played guitar for many years and I’ve never played one of this quality. Thank you so much for all the hard work! I love the guitar so much, I plan to sell a few of my others and order another from Halo in the next few weeks. (Promise I’ll be less of a pain this time)
  • Overall Rating5
Walter on 10/13/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Custom Guitar Varial 6 - I love it! the guitar es way too much better than I thought. it's my dream come true. I totally made a good decition choicing Halo as my custom manufacturer. I'm looking forward to place my next order.

Maybe more headstocks models to choose! the actual ones are great but a few more will good!

Congratulations and keep working guys!
  • Overall Rating5
Grant on 10/12/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
I ordered my first custom electric guitar with slight reluctance from a company I had never heard of in California. Wondering what the outcome would be and whether my order was ever going to get done was the question for the next few months. It was when I received my guitar in the mail and opened the case that it sent a shock wave of excitement through me. All the months of waiting were well worth the investment for a halo guitar. I couldn't have wished for a better instrument after playing around with it from the amazing inlay work, to the buckethead arcade killswitch and especially the playability of the instrument. Jeff Lee deserves standing ovation as this company provides superlative service meeting all your needs and problems. I will be a customer for life. I would recommend Halo to a friend. Improvements for Halo would be in wait time and painting.
Grant Grant Grant
  • Overall Rating5
James Clarke on 09/20/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Custom-Made Tenor Guitar; it's freaking awesome. It's great to know that I have a one-of-a-kind guitar that is truly built to suit my needs as a guitarist. I'd recommend Halo to a friend. It might be helpful to avail a side-view option for guitar previews... Might you consider availing resonator guitar options in the future?
  •  5
Eric on 09/20/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Custom 8 Strings Guitar. It's beautiful and so damn heavy, clearly what I wanted. Just great.
  •  5
Joe S. on 09/20/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
I ordered a custom Merus 7. The craftsmanship is exponentially greater than any guitar I've purchased thus far. Everything was well done and worth the wait. I don't know how everything works in the process... and what exactly is on your plate, but I think reduced waiting time might improve your sales, because I know that I personally may not ever buy a factory guitar again. Primarily because the quality of the guitar is great and I am picky and don't like modifying factory guitars anymore because you start with imperfection anyway. Reduced wait, greatly encourages me to re-purchase!
  •  4
John D. on 09/20/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Bass - Customization Tool
Was searching for a bass custom shop on google. I ordered a bass and I love it! Halo can improve by giving a little more info during the build on the instrument.
  •  4
Geoffrey on 09/20/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Bass - Customization Tool
Enjoyed the customization
  •  5
Kieran on 09/19/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Bass - Customization Tool
A while ago I said "Really good, but needs more choices on wood, and needs to be cheaper. There should also be a couple more headstock shapes similar to Demon. Other than that it's really good." Now there are more choices for the wood, and the'rye really cool, but it should still be cheaper, and maybe a couple more headstock shapes like Demon. Thanks again! It's really cool and fun.
  •  4
Frank Iero on 09/15/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
This tool is great I made my dream guitar its pricey but that's normal for a custom guitar (I'm not Frank Iero)
  •  5