Matt Bennett on 01/16/2014 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Frankly, this by far the best customisation tool on the net. I actually plan on getting a guitar from this in the near future.

It really is fully customisable! Fantastic!

I want a 7 string, and unfortunately the software doesn't allow to see how it all looks in the end. Some new body shapes would be great, but judging by admin responses, this is going to happen soon (great!) I'd like a bigger range of pick ups actually. More Duncans, and definitely the D-activators from DiMarzio.

See if you can get the rights to use some Ibanez bridges in the guitars too, as I don't like Floyd Rose bridges, and much prefer the likes of the Ibanez Zero Resistance tremolo, due to it's configuration, it's a much more stable bridge, and a lot easier to set up for different tunings (thanks to the roller disc in the back).

My last recommendation would be to make it customisable to actually move the volume and tone pots around, same goes for the pick up selector, as I find my hand has a tendency to knock these when I play, and I know many other players do too. Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow both did it to their customs with Schecter, by moving them around, making things just that little bit more comfortable.

Otherwise, this is outstanding!

*** Halo Admin Response: This customization tool will generate images for 14 additional body shapes, 7-string, and 8-string by end of February 2014. Please stay tuned. Your suggestions will be seriously considered in a future update to our customization tool. Thank you for your suggestions! ***
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Brandon on 01/10/2014 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
I would love to see the option for semi-hollow bodies or to make whatever body you want into a semi hollow. Other than that and a few of the other comments already stated this builder is amazing, I've built 5 and counting, if you come up with options for semi hollow you can have all my money.

The whole things is fantastic I couldn't begin to list the advantages

More body selections, as well as semi hollow option.

* Halo Response: 14 more body shapes, including one semi-hollow body design will be added - stay tuned... *
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CL on 01/07/2014 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Is Evertune G model (for Gibson style) available? I only see F model.

*** Halo Admin Response: Yes, it is available if you write it in the special instructions, but we do not provide graphic representations of it at this time. ***

Best custom builder out there right now - I don't think anyone else is offering the ability to contour a singlecut body (w/ forearm and tummy carves) according to customer spec. Awesome!

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Jed Hood on 01/07/2014 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
The guitarist for my band Shive and myself have been drooling over your guitars. I built my dream guitar using this software. Beautiful Tele style. The only problem is, I'm a bassist. I would love to have some bass options on here.

I would love to have a Tele style bass with a nice fat Humbucker in the bridge.

Easy to use and great options. Built my dream guitar!

No bass stuff.

*** Halo Admin Response: Stay tuned for the Halo Bass Customization Tool launching later this year... Shooting for March/April 2014. ***
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nate on 12/27/2013 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool

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hory bloj on 12/23/2013 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Great !
My favorite pickup is Seymor Duncan - Black Winter

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Sayantan on 12/21/2013 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
This taking guitar customization to the next level. We get to customize almost any car that we buy, why not guitars? :D

The visualization is great. You can spend hours on end customizing guitars to suit all your wild fancies. Sometime, we have ideas in our heads but unless we are ace graphic designers, we can't exactly be sure how it would transpire in reality. This one does that job, and that is just epic \m/

=> Please add more body shapes and burst color options
=> Also we need to have the option to see the guitar from behind, a view switching option would be very handy
=> Don't you offer Pau Ferro fretboard?
=> Bridge pickup selection - pickup ring and the name of the color is reversed
=> Dome knob color selection is attached to hardware color, i.e. nickel hardware and black dome knob can't be selected for the same guitar
=> Why no EMG HZ Passive pickups?
=> Seymour Duncan Zebra Humbucker pickups - No reverse Zebra selection available
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John S. on 12/17/2013 Purchased: MERUS - 6-String, 27'' Scale, Floyd Rose Special
I'm kinda miffed..... I mean... mmmmmm I just opened my new Halo Morbus 6 with the straight through natural Maple neck and a FR special, with Alderwood (Fblk tint) wings lol and a head stock that just so "fits" my interpretation (thanks for that too lol) of a kick ass looking guitar-- so much energy going on it wouldn't matter what type of pup was being used... She is visually stunning and feels SO good in my hands -- I knew I had to have her the moment I laid my eyes on her and I very very fortunate to own my Morpus 6 (It was from one of your posts on FB that drawn me to your guitars, all of which are very cool BTW... the custom thing is getting too intense for me but---). I couldn't wait for her to jump into my lap, knowing that she didn't have to beg me to help her sing! So, as things are the way they are LOL, when I opened her case for the first time, yep-- you guested it-- She jumped right into my lap. LOL It was beautiful! -- she is MINE LOL LOL -- she rocks!!!!!! I am very happy but she needs some truss rod adjustments, that's all!
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Alberto Aguiluz on 12/10/2013 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
please give more body shapes ! like flying v or gothic styles thatll be great !

HALO ADMIN REPLY: Hi Alberto, we are adding more body shapes during 2014. Please stay tuned! Thanks for your review.

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Rodrigo on 12/05/2013 Purchased: MERUS - Baritone, TOM, 7-String, Left Handed
This guitar is a piece of technology and art, i just have a question, is there a chance of it having a floyd rose tremolo?
I'd definately pay the extra price for it.

*** Halo Admin Reply: Unfortunately, this model is only available with a fixed bridge, but you could order a Halo Custom Shop guitar and choose all Floyd Rose as the bridge. ***
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Ian Smallwood on 12/05/2013 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Just going to label what I think the advantages and Disadvantages are.

Price is much less expensive than other custom shops.

Visual display helps me see the basics of what I am ordering

Having to input a Captcha code to upload graphics.

Other than that, Its pretty much perfect.
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TAX on 12/04/2013 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Overall, it's an awesome program. Very fun to play around with.

Very customizable, I enjoy playing with this even though I don't really have the money to buy anything I make :P

There are only a few disadvantages. One: It won't display the strings if you get a guitar that's more than 6 strings. Two: There aren't as many options for body shapes and inlays as I'd like there to be. Three: the pickups they have built in are great, but I want to be able to stick ANY Seymour Duncan pickup on there (Specifically the Pegasus and the Nazgûl). Four: I know they do this for a good reason but it's still a pain to wait to get a code that approves your custom body/inlay design. That's not that many downsides though if you really think about how customizable everything is.
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David Lynd on 12/04/2013 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Great Configurator tool. Easy to use.

It's easy to use and has various big name pick ups.

Can't display other string set ups, Killswitch, multi-fan, and you can't select locking nut without a tremolo bridge. Also THERE ARE NO BURST COLORS!!!

***Halo Admin Reply: Thanks for your valuable feedback, David. The customization tool only shows 6-string guitars at the moment, but we will be adding all the options you mentioned throughout 2014. The tool does display fan frets, you can select it in the "General Options". We disabled the option for locking nuts for all bridges not equipped with fine tuners (guitars with locking nuts must be equipped with bridges with fine tuners, like a Kahler or Floyd Rose; we will consider adding a fixed bridge option with fine tuners in the future). Thanks! ***
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Jack Bryce on 11/29/2013 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Well designed, easy to use and the graphics look realistic.

Really good in depth designer, makes choosing custom models a lot smoother since you can see what you are asking from, a lot of options, and user friendly.

I had no disadvantages using this,
except for a slight but when I accidentally moused over one of the drop menus, and then moved to the next one, both remained open and got all cluttered.
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Darrin Lantz on 11/30/-0001 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
I would like to give a shout out to Halo Custom Guitars for their amazing work on my instrument. I have been gigging with my Halo Custom (COVENANT-6) for about a year now and I am more and more impressed at each show with its performance and tone.

I have to commend Halo on making an instrument that looks like a work of art.

Their attention to every detail made this instrument exactly what I had pictured in my mind. The options available in the custom shop really let my imagination take hold and create a guitar that is unique yet versatile. Jeff was super helpful during the order process, as well as through the building of my guitar to ensure that I was satisfied.

When I received my guitar, the set up from the factory was outstanding.

I have purchased many guitars from various well known brands and my Halo’s setup has surpassed each one from the factory. The guitar also feels incredibly solid! I know this guitar will be able to handle all the abuse of the road and still look and sound great in the process. This is hands down the best guitar I own. As my band heads back into the studio to release a new album in 2016, expect to hear and see this monster of a guitar featured prominently on the album and tour.
Darrin Lantz
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