Don S. on 06/14/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Bass - Customization Tool
Received the guitar yesterday. What can I say...I am totally blown away. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is top notch. And not to mention it plays great. What a great job you guys did on the fret work and set-up. The color is right on and the Halo logo rocks. Thank you for building me a fantastic one of a kind, just want I wanted, ass kicking bass. Got a good hour of play time on it yesterday and its all that I hoped it would be. Can't say enough. Thanks Halo.
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Felton Offard on 06/13/2017 Purchased: SALVUS - 6-string, 25.5" Scale, Evertune, Natural
I happened upon Halo Custom Guitars whilst searching Reverb for "Evertune Tele". The Salvus model showed up and the first thing I noticed is that it is stunningly beautiful. Then I noticed the price. I couldn't believe I could get a custom made axe with Evertune for hundreds less than an Elite Telecaster. I had some very specific needs for a Tele.

I am the guitarist for the Chicago run of Hamilton. In the pit there are drastic temperature and humidity changes which can wreak havoc on the instruments. Hamilton is through-composed, like an opera. The only break I get is intermission. So I have very little time to fiddle with tuning. The problem is that I am constantly switching guitars during and between songs and tuning to drop D quite a few times. On some nights my tuning would be rock solid. On other nights, I literally have to tune twice in a song because a string may have gone 5 cents flat or's just insane.

Anyway, when I saw the Salvus I thought, ' this would solve almost all my problems'. I contacted Halo the next business day. Jeff Lee answered and he has frankly given me the best guitar buying experience ever. I wanted to know if the Evertune could be bypassed on the low E string to allow for drop D tuning. Jeff checked the guitar and called me back in a few minutes and told me it could. He said he'd never even thought about bypassing one string. I also needed them to add another push/pull pot so that I could split the pickups individually. It was a nominal charge.

The attention to detail on this guitar is just phenomenal. A couple of my buddies are already on the Halo site designing their guitars. BTW, the Evertune bridge makes the guitar intonation better across the board. It is just phenomenal. Do I have a complaint? No, just a quibble. I didn't see the radius on the listing and was so excited about the other features that I didn't ask. This guitar happens to have a 16" radius. That's really flat to me for a tele. I have a couple other guitars with a 16" radius but my hands seem to prefer 12" or a compound radius. However, this guitar is very easy to play and sounds freakin' fantastic!!!! I am planning on getting another built with 10 or 12" radius.

In the final analysis, I am completely over the moon with my guitar...
Even the free tee shirt they included was very nice. So nice that I found the manufacturer and ordered six shirts from them last night. Again, attention to every little detail... just an awesome company!
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Jonathan L. on 06/08/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Guitar is awesome, couldn't be happier with it. Color turned out exactly how it imagined it too. Phenomenal work!
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Daniel Rahnama on 06/06/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Amazing guitars! 3 stars as it is quite over priced and you don't get a good view of the guitar from just that one image
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The pictures of the guitar served it no justice. It's beautiful and sounds amazing! I have been playing on beaters for years and playing this baby is a breath of fresh air. I played a show with it the other night through my 5150 and Mesa 4x12's, and it really turned some heads! Now my bass player and I have halo customs and we couldn't feel, or look, anymore professional! We record our next full length in October and I'll be proud to bring this masterful machine in with the Evertune bridge! Great work guys! Simply magnificent!

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Jessie T on 05/17/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
First off, I'll start with the negatives: There is a small finish crack underneath the strap button behind the bridge, like someone dinged it, but I'm not picky and I got a good deal, so it's okay.
Second: When shipping large packages, packing peanuts suck. I spent 20 minutes cleaning up before I could even look at the guitar.

For the positives: Basically everything else. The guitar is fantastic, and having owned an older Halo seraphim, I can say the quality is so much better. It sounds and plays amazing, easily on par with $3-5k instruments I also own.

And also, no other custom shop has ever asked me how I liked the guitar. You guys have always had great service and this is no exception. Kudos to you guys on stepping up your game and building a badass instrument!
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Mac on 05/16/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
id definitely would buy if they had an option for a sustainiac neck pick up like the dimond series schecter
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Alec Augustyn on 05/04/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
The premise is amazing, but the website is lacking. you cannot see the side view of the guitar you create, and can't zoom in either. The site also overcharges for certain colour, which is ridiculous as the price is already quite high. I would also suggest adding a vine inlay option, like on a Steve Vai guitar.
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Mike on 04/21/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
This website is great! There are a lot of options for the guitar and they're not hella expensive! I love it! I'm currently in the long hard process of saving for one of the guitars. However, I think it would be Awesome if you added a harpoon shape for the headstock designed after Randy Rhoads's polka dot Vee headstock and also add the custom inlay. If you added this stuff to the options, it would be great.
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Nathan on 04/18/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
The way you can mix ans match part is awesome and i cant wait to build mine. I only gave it 4 stars because i can not see a side view off the guitar and i feel thats important...cheers
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Channing Smith on 04/02/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Acoustic Guitars Customization Tool
Great, but I would like to see more passive pickups for the acoustic. They get bad feedback, but have an AMAZING sound.
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Jesse on 03/26/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Love the option to have custom fretboard radii, custom nut width, and a zero fret.
I spend waaayyy too much time building dream guitars on here.

Would love to see some Railhammer pickups in the pickup options!
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Mikey Queen on 03/22/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Wishing for more bass shapes and an SG guitar shapes. Otherwise, super super super super awesome.
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Ben on 03/17/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Bass - Customization Tool
Great in every way, although you should add 2 and 3 tone sunbursts and be able to mix different color bursts like how you have red-black. My bass is metallic purple with a purple burst, back and sides metallic black. A black-purple burst would have looked amazing, but other than that it is perfect.
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Eren on 03/16/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
I love building my 'dream guitar' but price is ridiculous
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This is an awesome tool to experiment with - but I would like to have more viewing angles so I can see all the elements that I can customise.

The best one I've found so far!
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Taïs on 03/14/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
This custom editor is really cool, I used it to design many guitars for fun. It's instinctive and easy to use, and the graphic representation of the guitar is quite realistic. The only thing it lacks is to include a graphic difference when you change the scale length in my honest opinion.
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Robert Fait on 03/10/2017 Purchased: Bare Knuckle Pickups - Customization Tool
I agree with what Damos Walcott said: Add more color options like orange
-Integrate this with the custom guitar builder
-Add an option to make a zebra pattern with any color combo. I would also like a choice between Alnico and ceramic magnets.
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Kieran on 03/02/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Bass - Customization Tool
Really good, but needs more choices on wood, and needs to be cheaper. There should also be a couple more head stock shapes similar to Demon. Other than that it's really good.
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John on 02/23/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
I like it but needs more options for body and tremolo and the prices are outrageous, but other than that it's great
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Bobby bing on 02/20/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Bass - Customization Tool
I would like an RD style body
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Leo Michel Belanger on 02/08/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Every day I come here to build the guitar of my dream! With Halo Guitars, one day, dreams come true!
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Josiah Gianelli on 02/06/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Bass - Customization Tool
i really liked this customization tool for bass guitars but wish there was more customization like 7 and 8 string,woods,colors,etc
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Pete on 02/02/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Bass - Customization Tool
Almost perfect. Can we have please more headstock options? I need Flying V headstock :3
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Brendan christie on 01/21/2017 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Jeff and the gang at Halo Guitars are phenominal. They worked with me every step of the way to make sure I got the perfect guitar and also the perfect flight case. They've answered every question I've had and trust me there have been many. I would recommend this company to any guitarist or bass player out there.
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