Aidan on 07/26/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Bass - Customization Tool
Okay so I love this website, however it lacks a lot of things. There are no fodera or ritter (yes I know these examples are very pricey however many lesser known companies make similar bodies for much less money) style single cut bodies, they're missing a lot of pick ups like the nordstrand bigman and the bartolini quad coils. Another big one is wood choice, I'd love bubinga, wenge, koa, burl, purpleheart, cocobolo, etc. I know these woods would come at a higher price but to me it would be well worth it, although in my opinion with the current wood choices I do thing these basses are a bit over priced.
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Damon Sewell on 07/15/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Acoustic Guitars Customization Tool
This is an awesome guitar customization tool.

Pros: Accurate representation of guitar/bass to be built with the works.

Cons: Can't change the number of strings on the acoustic guitar customization tool.

Synopsis: A great tool that is simple to use and very aesthetically pleasing to look at. I've tried finding other guitar tools similar to this online and your company does it the best. Overall I give it a solid 4/5 stars with the lack of the one star due to the acoustic guitar tool.
Keep up the good work guys!
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Terry on 07/11/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Bass - Customization Tool
Got my bass a couple days ago and i could not be more pleased. It is more beautiful than i imagined, it plays like a dream and sounds great. Thanks again for making it possible for me to own the perfect bass.
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Quintan hale on 07/06/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
I like how you can create almost any guitar by just the touch of a button but for some reason the pickups won't show up for me that's why i rated 4 stars

*** HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: Hi Quintan - try clearing your web browser's cache and try again. That usually solves any problem with our Customization Tools. Thanks! ***
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Pete Grays on 06/27/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Just epic, only take look at the BLH, DLH and Covenant pickguard. when you put a pickup is not partialli under the pickguard.
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Jesse on 06/26/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Awesome virtual building tool!

Please add a seafoam-green and a dark-red/burgundy to the color options!!!!! That would be awesome!
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Geoff A. on 06/23/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Have been playing my guitar for the past couple of weeks and am happy to say it is perfect! Plays and sounds like a dream. I am very impressed with this instrument. The quality and craftsmanship are outstanding. My compliments to your factory and your production team.

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ori k on 06/16/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
the pprogram didnt worked at all i tred it on alot of difrent devices networks and browsers im living in esrael i dont know if the probleam relates to the cantry or if it a general probleam but i well be glad if you well fix it soon

*** Halo Admin Response: Hi Ori, sorry to hear the issue you're experiencing. We're unable to duplicate the problem, but you could try to update your browser to the current version, and also clear your browser's cache, then try launching the Guitar Customization Tool again. Thank you ***
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Nick M. on 06/14/2016 Purchased: MERUS - 6-String, 27" Scale, Tune-O-Matic
First off, I love this guitar to death! I can't put it down, great sound, and playability, low action right out of the box! I'd recommend this beast to anyone looking! Shout out to Jeff for being so awesome!!!
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Jack G. on 06/12/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Bass - Customization Tool
I've had a ton of fun building stuff on here, but have one recommendation: More pickguard options. I would build and buy one of these in a heartbeat if I could put a checker-print pickguard on it. I would love for this to be addressed, and I would absolutely be the proud owner of a Halo if it was.
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Pete Grays on 06/10/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
4 stars for only a reason: I need just some things

SG body
Tele bridge

and I surely need these things:
12 string electric guitar
8 and 10 strings bass
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Pete Grays on 06/07/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Bass - Customization Tool
I freakin' love this simulator, but i think you should add these things:

Body shapes
EB 0/3 like shape
Rickenbacker 4000 series
Flying V
Explorer (for me the chainbreaker is too extreme)
Musica Man (obviously i want his epic pickguard)

Enlarge the traditional one on guitar

Add Rickenbacker 4000-like pickups

Add more options for the pickguard (like tort-shell or black pearloid or abalone)

I'll still love this, even if you don't add these things
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SuperTombResident96 on 06/07/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
This review is for the custom creator.
There are SO MANY options here! It's not only brilliant, but it's hard service for anyone to top. Jackson still has custom forms where you just check off things and 100% have to guess. If you want a graphic representation on it, you have to send it in with the custom form. This is simple and clear. I have some things I'd love to see, since I'd make these modifications to a guitar after ordering anyway, I'd like to see a wider range of pickups. By that I mean brands like EVH especially, and more popular options in the other brands, such as the Dimarzio Super 3. Just a thought.
Keep working on it!
Maybe use Fender's builder as a template on looks (3 angles, HD, etc.) , but keep your huge range of options. 10/10!
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Stephen Hall on 06/06/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Acoustic Guitars Customization Tool
Very nice guitar builder. One of if not the best out there.
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Channing Smith on 06/05/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
I love these guitars. They really are great. The best part about them is that they quality is astounding. really give them a 5 star rating!!!!!
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Mikka on 06/02/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
I'll just give a sort of list of things, that you guys, even with so much done work, I think have to or must do. It will be great for all
So, here we go
Guitar bodies:
Fender Mustang
Double cut Tele
Gibson SG
Flying V
Double Cut Les Paul
Epiphone Wilshire
PRS bodies

Jaguar & Jazz-r bridges
Tele bridge
Different pickguards for different guitar bodies (Deluxe 72, different Thinline pickguards for Tele, for ex.)
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Marcelo on 06/01/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
If you had the classic flying v guitar gibson in models, my dreams would take place
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Zak on 06/01/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
I like the new design and there's loads of choice but PLEASE let us have more than one view (e.g. back and side profiles) there's too much guesswork at the moment. also, I think there should be a wider choice of colours or better yet - use one of those colour selectors on windows paint so you can choose whatever shade and adjust the brightness and stuff. if you added these then this tool would be perfect
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Clay Young on 05/31/2016 Purchased: MERUS - 6-String, 27'' Scale, Floyd Rose Special
I had been trying to find a Baritone 6 String guitar with a Floyd Rose tremelo, and EMG pickups for almost a year now, and to no avail, when I came across the Halo Merus-6 on the internet. It was like striking gold! The Merus-6 was everything I had been looking for. I love my Halo guitar! The tone is deep and thick, and with the baritone scaling on the neck, the intonation is flawless! The neck thru body design is pure genius, as well. I love the shape and how thin the body is, just as much as I love how you can see the wood grain through the finish. This is a superb guitar. If you play in B tuning and enjoy rich, thick tone, do not hesitate to buy this guitar.

Advantages: Tremolo holds tune very well! Neck thru body design is very strong. Baritone scaled neck holds true intonation all the way to the end of the neck.
Disadvantages: None that I have found so far!
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Andrew Portsev on 03/19/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Awesome custom guitar maker. And great results, as I've seen on YouTube. Really cool guitars

*High quality of custom maker although
*Big choice of pickups
*Nice showing of the guitar you are making
*Attention to details

Not disadvantages, but suggestions to get new objects into the maker
*A lot of new guitar bodies: Manson MA, Manson MB, Manson CE, Gibson Explorer, Gibson Firebird, Gibson SG, Fender Starcaster, Gibson Flying V, Status S-2 Classic, Status S-2 Classic, PRS guitar bodies
Sunburst function
And more colors to choose
Maybe more wood
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So on 03/16/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Bass - Customization Tool
Simulator is great !

Advantages: Everything is good ! But you should add more choices !!!

Disadvantages: Think you should offer more bass shape (body and head) especially classic shape like Jazz Bass, PBass, SG Bass !
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Craig on 03/14/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
Great tool, but more thought could be put into it. Menus do not stay open to use on touch screen like a smartphone.

many, of course

- does not work on touch screen
- could use shorter scale options like 24"
- could use options for even more frets
- you dropped some preset body options you used to have
- could distinguish between original and licensed Floyd Rose whammy (eg., no original exists for 8-string)
- could provide string tension data, especially for tunings on extended range guitars, which string manufacturers do not provide
- could provide info on where ability to properly set up an extended range guitar becomes borderline relative to scale, string gauge, pitch, setting intonation, sound quality versus string bending, etc.
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John on 03/02/2016 Purchased: Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
perfect apart from one thing.

great tool with amazing customizeation

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Pretty cool tool. I would appreciate a back and side view
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Liam Spade on 02/13/2016 Purchased: Bare Knuckle Pickups - Customization Tool
I can't choose a model. Is it just my device? Is anybody else experiencing this?
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