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Meet the Gordo

With its interwoven, intricate, and wider than standard hardwood pieces, The Gordo fits snug on the shoulder and gives with your movement to provide a superior level of comfort and support.

Play as long as needed with Gordo, a favorite of professional musicians, particularly bassists, who play for hours at a time with sparse breaks.

The Gordo design is 3½ inches wide, with pieces arranged in a pattern that provides even load distribution throughout.

This guitar strap is adjustable in length to accommodate 43 to 55 inches button-to-button, reinforced with 200-pound tested Teflon-treated braided cord for strength and longevity.

Rosewood REVO Gordo Guitar Strap



 Tigerwood Revo Gordo Guitar Strap




 Revo Gordo Strap Specifications

- Evenly distributed load using small wood pieces for superior comfort

- Built to last a lifetime using durable hardwoods that are scratch resistant

- Polymer coated to seal and protect natural wood materials

- Premium quality leather ends adjust from 43 to 55 inches button-to-button

- Heavy-duty 200-pound Teflon-treated braided cord provides superior strength and stretch-resistance

- Width: Approximately 3.5 inches​

Case Specifications
Length 43" - 55"
Width 3.5"
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