Let’s take a closer look at the design and build process for the custom guitars we built for the guys in the band For Today.

The first guitar we’ll be looking at is a Halo Custom Shop TJ 6-string that was configured by Brandon Leitru (lead guitar) using the Halo Guitar Customization Tool.  

Brandon wanted his guitar to be set apart from other guitars, so he chose solid Rosewood for the entire body, neck and fretboard. He was going for a dark natural look and a heavier guitar overall. We had some stock of solid Rosewood that had been drying for several years and was just waiting for the right opportunity to be turned into a custom guitar. Here’s a picture of the raw wood we used for this custom build. 

After deciding on the woods, there were only a few more key features that had to make it into this guitar, and they were: 

Jazzmaster-style design (Halo TJ)

Evertune Bridge

Fishman Fluence Modern Pickups

Precision Setup & Intonation for Pro Performance

Here’s a mockup of what the guitar looked like as configured: 

Here are some in-progress pictures from the woodworking stages: 

Here are some final assembly pictures: 

Here are some completed pictures: 

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Megan Hinrichs 09/20/2016 10:09
This would be awesome to have!!! I could play it in a talent show and show everyone my skills. I could teach others to play to..
Dan 04/23/2017 21:32
Looks awesome. All my dream parts in one guitar. Totally in love with Jazzmaster shape. I would do a mahogany body with a roasted maple neck with tobacco burst, without a pick guard. All the rest same.
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