We're excited to now offer custom archtop guitars in 3 shapes: 

  1. Non Cutaway
  2. Venetian Cutaway
  3. Florentine Cutaway

... and in 2 different sizes: 

  1. 17"
  2. 16"

We're also excited to offer these custom archtop guitars via our brand new 3D Archtop Guitar Customization Tool.

If you're familiar with the Halo Custom Shop, then you'll know that our solid body Guitar Customization Tool offers a plethora of options, but one drawback was that it was only in 2D (i.e. only front view and back view; no side views). 

The 3D Archtop Guitar Customization Tool is a step up in that it allows you to see your custom archtop guitar from every angle imaginable. 

Here are the areas of customization we're offering: 


  • Right or Left Handed
  • 6 or 7-string
  • Scale Lengths
  • Multiscale or Fanned Fret


  • Woods
  • Carved Top or Flat Top
  • Color
  • Binding
  • Purfling
  • Custom Graphics
  • Gloss or Satin Finishes


  • Woods
  • Fretboard Radius
  • Color
  • Fret Size and Material
  • Inlays
  • Binding
  • Purfling
  • Nut
  • Heel Cap


  • Shape
  • Color
  • Binding
  • Purfling
  • Truss Rod Cover Plate


  • Hardware Color
  • Bridge
  • Tailpiece
  • Tuners
  • Pickguards
  • Pickups
  • Control Pattern
  • Knobs
  • Switches


  • Coil Split
  • Signature on Headstock
  • Luminlay Side Markers
  • Special Instructions

Some background: 

We began prototyping our first generation of archtop guitars last year (October 2016) and the results are in... they're quite good!

Our prototyping efforts focused primarily on the bodies themselves and their construction. We referenced Bob Benedetto's archtop guitar plans, which are available through Georgia Luthier Supply among other places. For the other areas (e.g. neck, electronics, etc.), we drew upon our own extensive knowledge gained from building custom solid body and semi-hollow body guitars over all these years. In the future, we may introduce new and original body shapes, but for now we're sticking with what's tried and true. 

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