Carbon Fiber options available now through the Halo Custom Shop!

Get Carbon Fiber on your custom build or order separately. Here's what's available:

  • Carbon Fiber Body Top
  • Carbon Fiber Body Back
  • Carbon Fiber Pickguard
  • Carbon Fiber Cavity Cover
  • Carbon Fiber Truss Rod Cover
  • Order separately (send us your old pickguard and we'll make you a duplicate in carbon fiber)

Please note: the carbon fiber we use is the real deal, not just a pattern or print.

Here's a custom bass we built with a special carbon fiber top:

Here's our carbon fiber pickguard next to an old pickguard that was sent to us for duplication:

Here are some mockups from the Guitar Customization Tool:

We look forward to incorporating more carbon fiber into our custom builds in the future!

Customize your own guitar here:

Customize your own bass here:

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