This custom headless guitar was designed, engineered, and built-to-order for a customer. It is truly one of a kind and boasts a stunning combination of high-end features/components. 

Check out that body shape! The shape was originally sketched up by the customer and we were able to bring it to life after making some minor design tweaks to allow for better fret access and construction. 

The guitar is a 7-piece Maple/Walnut neck through body design with Mahogany body wings and a Spalted Maple Top. 

The guitar is equipped with a DiMarzio Mo' Joe in the bridge position, a Lace Alumitone Single Coil in the middle position, and a DiMarzio PAF Pro in the neck position.

We installed CTS pots and a Schaller 5-way Megaswitch to offer a wide variety of high-end tones. 

At the headstock side, we installed the "Technology For Musicians" string locks. These little string locks are made in Italy and are great for their versatility. 

The J Custom XS Tremolo II was the bridge of choice. Here's a closeup shot of the J Custom XS Tremolo II

With the neck through construction, we were able to build the instrument with a steep cutaway to allow for unhindered upper fret access. 

Here are the full specs for this headless guitar: 


Dexterity: Right Hand

Construction Method: Neck Through

Strings: 6

Tuning: E.A.D.G.B.E

Scale Length: 25.5"


Body Shape: Custom

Contour: Tapered

Wood/Material: Mahogany with Spalted Maple Top

Body Finish (Top): Natural with Black Burst, Gloss

Body Finish (Sides/Back): Transparent Black, Satin

Binding: None


Headstock Shape: None

Wood/Material: 7 Piece Maple/Walnut

Fingerboard: Carbon Fiber

Neck Finish: Transparent Black, Satin

Frets/Size: 24, Jumbo, Stainless Steel 

Inlays: None

Nut: Stainless Steel Zero Fret


Hardware Color: Black

Bridge System: J Custom XS Tremolo II

Tuners: J Custom XS Tremolo II

Pickups: DiMarzio Mo' Joe (bridge) | Lace Alumitone Single Coil (middle) | DiMarzio PAF Pro (neck)

Control Pattern: 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 5-Way Schaller Megaswitch E Model

Knobs: Gotoh

Pots: CTS

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bill bisso 07/14/2016 16:02
the js custm bridge is that a trans-trem going the order a build through you guys I'm curious on my options
Jeff Lee, Halo 07/20/2016 17:11
@bill - the J Custom is not a trans-trem as far as I know. It is just a conventional trem that can be a direct drop-in replacement for the trans-trems. Thanks!
pablo alvarez danker 09/15/2016 04:36

Hello, kudos for the great work. I'd be very interested in ordering something along the lines of your 'custom headless', albeit in 7 strings. Can I get a quote from you for such Frankenstein?. What would be the delivery dates? best regards - Pablo

*** HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: Hi Pablo - we've sent you an email with more detailed information, but yes, we can build you a 7-string version! Thanks ***

Jason Cohn 02/03/2017 08:09

I love the custom headless guitar you feature but would it be possible to get this with 8 strings and maybe EMG active pickups? How do I actually go about purchasing it?

*** HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: This body shape design was provided to us by our customer and so we'd ask permission to build an 8-string version of it. But, yes, it's possible to build you an 8-string headless with EMG's. To place an order, we'd just have to figure out the total price of the guitar, and then you can pay a minimum 50% deposit. Any final balance due can be paid immediately before shipping/delivery. Thanks! ***

Viper Scofield 03/16/2017 07:08

I love the guitar but will you tell me what kind of stand that you are using here? Thank you very much. Viper

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: Here you go: FretRest by Proline Electric Folding A-Frame Guitar Stand 

Jacob Hively 11/06/2017 20:45

Hello I’m very interested in ordering a guitar like this. How much would I cost to order the guitar pictured above?

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: the price came in right around $2700

Philip Elrod 01/16/2018 19:24

Hey, I am interested in a rectangular guitar body unfinished with a headless light as possible...what kind of price would I be looking at? I plan on a custom paint job... Thanks,

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: Pricing starts at $1199 for our custom guitars. For a custom body shape, it is $150 extra because we need to create new routing templates. However, we do not warranty our unfinished necks. Depending on the full specs, the price may increase. Thanks! - Jeff Lee, Halo

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