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We're pleased to announce the recent hiring of Marcus Henderson.

Marcus brings with him decades of professional experience and a passion for the guitar that makes him a perfect fit here at Halo Custom Guitars.

We look forward to serving the guitar community together moving forward!

- Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

Some words from Marcus:

My lifetime obsession with all things guitar-related has taken me to some incredible places and fulfilled more dreams than I can ever imagine. From performing across the globe with various recording artists, to having the incredible luck of recording for the Guitar Hero franchise and being honored by the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, the guitar has taken me places I never could have dreamed.

The next chapter of my lifelong journey to honor what the guitar has done for me is the one I'm most excited about: joining the Halo Custom Guitars team to develop exciting new content for the product line, and offer a hand or two on making sure the guitars of your dreams become a reality.   

Needless to say I'm beyond excited to have the opportunity to help create amazing things for you, the player, and can't wait for you to see what we have in store going forward. My love for playing guitars is only equaled by my passion for helping make your vision of the perfect instrument come to life.

Rock forth in peace!


Comments: 2
Mark Tippin 06/28/2018 16:55
Great news! I can't wait to see (and hear) what rolls off the custom shop lines! Go, Marcus, go!
Domonic Rini 10/05/2018 07:48
Great to see Marcus on board with Halo. He brings such a vast knowledge to the company. Plus he's a great guy!!
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