We got a note from Stephen James Taylor last week about the release of a charming and captivating movie written and directed by Richard Tanne. 

The film takes place all in one day, the day of Barack and Michelle Obama's first date.

Taylor scored the film mostly using 2 original instruments. The first was his Halo Custom Shop Merus, a 31 tone baritone guitar (31 frets per octave).  

The second one was made by violin maker, David Rivinus, and it's called The Transcendello (sort of a cross between a pedal steel guitar and a cello).  

The soundtrack album of the score will be digitally released next month (September 2016).

If you're interested in hearing more about the film and the soundtrack, tune into Los Angeles radio station KPFK 90.7 FM on September 8th at 11am PST (John Schneider's Global Village). Or stream online here

Taylor will be interviewed about the custom instruments used in rendering the score, and will play some of the musical themes from the film. There were some wonderful vocalists involved - Eyvonne Williams, Oren Waters, and Myrna Matthews - who contributed their magic to the score as well.

"It's a great date movie with intelligent dialogue between two magnificent actors.  It got great reviews at Sundance earlier this year as well as the recent one in the Huffington Post
Hope you get a chance to see it... thanks!" - Stephen James Taylor

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Will Dhority 08/31/2016 16:29
I'm very glad for you as Halo guitars to have your product used in a film that may help with your noteriety. But I cannot be overwhelmed with joy since after 8 years of the Obama presidency he has shown himself to be the most anti-American president or citizen I have ever witnessed. I'm not sure he is American at all: His constant endorsement of Isalm, his destruction of MY medical care, his pro-communist stance with communist country's, his pro-nuclear weapons program of Iran, his always playing golf like an aristocrat, he is the 1st President in history to not have a 3% or better economical quarter growth, his inflammatory comments that increase racism between black and white people, his constant attack on the 2nd amendment and the 1st also, he is a disgrace and ought to be impeached. So if I have insulted you or your company to the point of embarrassment and you wish not to associate with someone of my beliefs you may take me off your mailing list.
JimDodds 08/31/2016 16:43
It's a shame that you have such a low opinion of President Obama. Mine is exactly the opposite. I have been disappointed with some of his moves, but all in all, President Obama's time in office has made this country more America than ever before. The single idea that stands for America is the level playing field, and that means level for women, for blacks for Latinos, for LBGTQ Americans and for the medially uninsured, of which there are now 20 million less than there were before "Obamacare." It is the continuing racism of white people that is inflaming relations between the races, not Obama, and aside form the TPP, which is a BAD idea, his international policy has been exactly what it should be. Please get your head out of reverse gear, or go join up with Isis. They like your ideas.
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