This sweepstakes is over and the randomly selected winner is: Luke G. from New South Wales, AUSTRALIA! Thanks to everybody for participating!

Check out the custom build process here.

"Hi everyone - Jeff Lee here with Halo Custom Guitars (I'm the guy in the black shirt pictured above).

We’re running a sweepstakes right now for a free custom guitar, bass or archtop build valued at up to $3500.

We’ll make the guitar from scratch according to the EXACT specs provided to us by the winner.

But, you need to get your specs to us very soon (by April 10th) because that's how you enter the sweepstakes.

Details on how to do that are below.

We look forward to seeing your designs and hope you win!"



No purchase necessary. Must be over 18. Must live in a country we can ship to with FedEx.
Value of custom build is limited to $3500 (should cover all your bases, as our custom builds come in at around $2300 on average).
Sweepstakes registration closes on April 10th at 11:59pm. Winner will be announced by email shortly after that.


1. Register for an account on our website. Do not start configuring your guitar without registering for an account first.

2. Configure your dream guitar, bass or archtop using one of our "customization tools" - links below

3. Add your dream guitar to your shopping cart and place a "free order" - please do not pay

4. Choose the “free checkout” payment method when placing your “free order” on our website

5. Complete the checkout process and you'll receive an Order ID

6. Enter your Order ID into the Widget below (you'll have to log in with Facebook or an email)


Guitar Customization Tool

Bass Customization Tool

Archtop Customization Tool

a Rafflecopter giveaway

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

QUESTION: Do I have to buy the guitar I submitted as a free order if I don't win?

ANSWER: No, if you don't win, then you don't have to buy the guitar or anything from us.

QUESTION: Do I have to pay for shipping if I win?

ANSWER: No, shipping is on us.

QUESTION: Do I have to pay for taxes if I win?

ANSWER: Yes, if you live in the USA, then you must pay taxes to the IRS directly. If you live outside the USA, then you will probably have to pay import taxes/duties to your country's Customs department. You may also be required to pay a brokerage fee to FedEx. 

QUESTION: Does the $3500 value apply to the shipping and taxes?

ANSWER: No, you only need to be keep the value of the guitar itself at $3500 or below. You can disregard the shipping and taxes.

QUESTION: Why can't I see the free checkout option?

ANSWER: Just go through the normal checkout process and you will see "free checkout" as a payment method. Select that and you can submit your order.

QUESTION: Why can't I add the custom instrument to the shopping cart?

ANSWER: Try clicking the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the site. It may be that your instrument is already added to your cart.

QUESTION: The customization tool doesn't work. What's going on?

ANSWER: Try updating your browser to the latest version and clear the browser's cache (if possible), then try again.

Comments: 78
Ashton 03/19/2018 17:19

If you are to win, do you have to pay taxes on it at the end of the year? If so how much would they be?

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: Yes, you'd have to pay taxes to the IRS. You do not pay taxes to Halo. Talking with your tax accountant or this article might help:

Ayose 03/19/2018 17:32
Really great idea!!!!
mark daurelio 03/19/2018 18:35

I'm having trouble with the custom guitar tool bybut i know what id want. Would I be ableablyable to text it to you or maybe even call in the specs? Thanks Jeff. Mark Daurelio.

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: Hey Mark! Sorry, the Tools are giving everybody issues. We're working on fixing them. The only way to enter is through the Sweepstakes Widget. But sure, shoot me a text or call, you got my number! -Jeff

David 03/19/2018 18:47

I only see 50% and Full Amount payment options above the Order button on the guitar customization tool page.

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: 3/19/2018, 6:53pm PST - we temporarily closed the sweepstakes in order to make updates to our website.

Danu 03/19/2018 23:11
I cannot check out when using coupon codes, is there any way to get an order ID?
Christopher McKendrick 03/20/2018 03:20

Hi, There seems to be a problem with multiple other custom guitars appearing in the shopping cart. These are definitely not guitars I have created! How should I proceed. There are 4+ other guitars in the shopping basket. Thanks, Chris

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE (3/20/2018, 8:39am PST): Sorry Chris! We're working on fixing all issues with our website. Stay tuned. - Jeff

Charlie Toro 03/20/2018 04:53

HAving the same problems. I apply the code but it still makes me pay the full amount on Paypal.

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE (3/20/2018, 8:40am PST) - We're working on fixing all website issues. Reminder, please do not pay anything, this is a free sweepstakes! - Jeff

Christopher McKendrick 03/20/2018 08:07
Hi. I tried again. The multiple guitars in the basket problem has stopped, but now I'm getting "Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached its usage limit!" Please advise?
HALO ADMIN 03/20/2018 08:28
HALO ADMIN RESPONSE (3/20/2018, 8:24am PST) - To update our website more quickly, we've temporarily closed the sweepstakes and also disabled the free checkout. Thanks for your patience everybody. We'll open the sweepstakes again soon so you can get your entries in before April 10, 2018. Thanks so much! -Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars
Dalton Mitchell 03/20/2018 09:22
Having the same problem as Christopher McKendrick above. Multiple guitars that I did not design are appearing in my cart. When I try to remove these from the cart, it removes the one I designed as well. What steps should I take here? Thanks!
Felipe 03/20/2018 14:35
This is a great idea! It was a bit slow yesterday but now all is good. I hope I win this sweepstake (: I always pass by the shop to keep a vivid reminder that I'll have one of your guitars.
Max 03/20/2018 15:36
If a non U.S. citizen is to win, does he have to pay taxes like the article you linked suggests or there is a different method that applies to foreigners people?!
HALO ADMIN 03/20/2018 18:02
UPDATE 3/20/2018, 5:10pm PST: The sweepstakes is OPEN. Sorry for the slow website, there are a lot of people configuring their dream guitar all at the same time.
Anthony Thomas 03/20/2018 18:32
With Taxes it was more than 3500$ (3666.76) If I pay for the taxes I am still eligible to win right?
Rino Respati Hakim 03/20/2018 23:45
I have completed my order. but i cant find any Order ID. Anyone can help? Thank you.
Michael 03/21/2018 01:05
Hello, I included overseas shipping and came in nearly a hundred dollars over budget! Does it disqualify me if I enter that code in the widget or should I start over and choose zero shipping and come in under budget that way? Sorry for the bother! By the way, I love the custom guitar builder, hours of dream guitars fly by!
Rohan jayant 03/21/2018 01:23
how can i get an order id since the coupon code isnt working
Mathias Bjørnstad 03/21/2018 02:06
Hi! I finished my order, but my Order ID code didn't show up, and i was just redirected to the main page on the site. I pressed free giveaway button. I didn't enter any creditcard/paypal details, so i didn't buy it. Can you help?
Dave 03/21/2018 02:53

Still not working. I have no option to add to cart when using the bass customizer.

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: We've received many, many free orders for custom basses. It could be that the heavy traffic is causing problems. Please try updating your browser, clearing cache (if possible), and trying again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kuni 03/21/2018 07:33
The guitar I customized cost $2500, way more than my net worth, lol. You make some sweet ass guitars that would make any musician happy. Hope I can get to own one in my next life.
Rhys 03/21/2018 08:12
Hi there, so I have placed my order but did not receive an order ID. Is this an issue through the checkout or is this through an email that I have not yet checked? Many thanks!
Áron Harmath 03/21/2018 08:41
Hello, Do i have to pay the shipping cost if I win? It's a cost of a good guitar, to Europe. Thanks, Aron
Marcio Douglas Cirino Barroso 03/21/2018 09:41

Hi there! First, I had issues about my login with another account I created yesterday. It's like my account didn't exist. I solved tihs making a new account, making my guitar again. OK until there, but do I still have to pay the delivery taxes? It costs more than R$2,000.00 to send to my country by FedEx, and more than R$3,800.00 (!) by UPS. This is the price we pay for good used guitar here.

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE (3/21/2018): Shipping is on us, but you may need to pay some import taxes/duties. Please check with your country's customs laws. Thank you

David 03/21/2018 11:21
Having no luck entering .
Marco 03/21/2018 11:25

Now, that the sweepstakes is supposedely back open again, the coupon codes still don't seem to work for me. Neither "free order" nor "SWEEPS": "Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached its usage limit!" Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: Please continue with the checkout process, and the free checkout will be listed as a payment method. Just don't pay anything please, it's a free sweepstakes! Do not use any coupon, it was a workaround from yesterday when the site had issues. It is no longer necessary.

katherine 03/21/2018 12:07

I created an account yesterday, but now I can't log in. I asked for a password reset link, reset my password, and the website won't accept my new password. I've done this several times. Now I'm locked out. Anyway to get rid of my account and start all over?

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: Please email - thanks! - Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

Fernando 03/21/2018 12:08
As of 03/21, 13:07 (GMT -6), the coupon SWEEPS works. Just joined with my 5-string Octavia bass desing. Good luck to everyone!
Zachary Pappas 03/21/2018 18:41

How do I put my code in the widget. And how do I add extra entries

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: Please scroll up and log in to the widget with your email or Facebook, then follow the instructions - thanks! - Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

Tommy Grant 03/21/2018 18:42

Wouldn’t let me add my code... 4070.

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: You can successfully submit multiple free orders through the shopping cart, but you can only submit one Order ID into the sweepstakes entry. It looks like we've already received one sweepstakes entry for your prior Order ID. Please email for further assistance if needed - thanks! - Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

Ryan Shinn 03/22/2018 00:43

I accidentally forgot to add a guitar case to my order for the give away. Is there anyway that can be added to my order? I accidentally looked over that when I was creating my guitar in the customization tool.

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: If the case can be added without exceeding the $3500 limit, then we can make that arrangement at that time - thanks! - Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

Luke Mowbray 03/22/2018 02:06
How do I put it through as a free order? Many thanks in advance!
Damian W 03/22/2018 16:46
How much would the taxes be if you were the winner and how would you pay them?
Bernie 03/23/2018 05:57

How many times can we enter?

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: One person can enter one Order ID into the Sweepstakes Widget and this gives you "5 entries" or you can think of them as 5 raffle tickets. Similarly, if you join the mailing list through the Sweepstakes Widget, you'll get "1 entry." Because it's so easy to join a mailing list, it only gives you 1 entry, whereas placing a free order for a custom build is time consuming, so it gives you 5 entries. Hope this makes sense - thanks! - Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

Bernie 03/23/2018 05:58
Oh yeah- And thanks for doing this. I love the design tool and had a ton of fun putting together my entry!
Rob Cadrain 03/23/2018 06:33
Where is the "Sweepstakes Widget" that Im supposed to enter my order ID?
Thomas Milner 03/23/2018 10:31

Has anyone else tried to get into the widget, and it shows you've already entered and is already checked? well go figure, if I win it'll be a wonderful surprise even more than the one I created, I guess..

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: Please email for assistance - thanks! - Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

Jonathan Griffin 03/23/2018 12:06

Hey, i just entered the custom guitar give away, but for my shipping method i chose the "pick up from the store" option. If i were to win the Custom Guitar, is there any way to have it shipped to me instead of having to pick it up? or is there any way to change the shipping option if the guitar is already locked in and entered?

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: We'll be glad to make new arrangements for the sweepstakes winner, thanks - Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

Vandon 03/23/2018 13:00
Thank you to Halo for this offer. I had so much fun creating my dream guitar. Best of luck to us all!
Lachezar Dochev 03/23/2018 14:26

Can we enter several times with different designs?

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: No, just 1 entry per person please. Thank you! - Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

Rasmus Degn Rohde 03/24/2018 13:14

Hey, I'm a bit confused as to how I earn more entries by refering to my friends. Them opening the link didn't give me any extra entries, so how does it work?

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: To earn extra entries, your friends need to successfully enter via the Sweepstakes Widget. - Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

Ivan Kungulovski 03/24/2018 18:31

How many times can we enter a design, and is there a refresh rate to enter the new one? I see 5 entries available, but cannot enter new id. What does that mean? I have already entered one id.

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: The wording can be confusing. Try to think of "entries" as "raffle tickets." To maximize your chances at winning, you want to get the most raffle tickets (entries) as possible. You can do this by joining the mailing list (1 entry) and by submitting your Order ID (5 entries). Hope this helps - thanks! - Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

Diego Feijoó 03/24/2018 18:56
How many custom guitars can I make for this giveaway?
Will 03/25/2018 01:31

If someone is even marginally under 18 what do you suggest as means of entry. And when will delivery be.

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: Sorry, but this sweepstakes is only open to those who are 18 or older. Delivery will be several weeks after the winner is announced because we need to build the guitar from scratch - thanks! - Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

Achim Reiter 03/25/2018 13:11
This is awesome. Love the tool btw. playing around with that was a lot of fun. And thank you for this opportunity for people that might not be able to afford a custom built guitar :) Cheers
Leonardus 03/25/2018 21:44

thanks hallo guitars for this awesome event. btw, i find a problem. i have get my Order Id but i dunno where i can enter it. please Admin or anyone to help me.

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: You'll need to enter the Order ID into the Sweepstakes Widget (scroll up). Please email for further assistance - thanks! - Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

Doni Brooks 03/27/2018 02:16
Thanks Halo for this awesome opportunity to maybe win that dream guitar! I too found an issue that should be fixed, for country Philippines, the state/region area for Manila is not listed, so I chose Rizal which is a neighboring province. Please add NCR (National Capital Region), and Metro Manila to the drop down list. These are common shipping region descriptions for all major carriers. Thanks!
Mike 03/27/2018 02:26
I configured the guitar, but confirm order button doesn't give me a code, just goes back to confirmation order...any idea?
Filippo 03/27/2018 06:13
When I click on Confirm Order it doesn't proceed :(
HALO ADMIN 03/27/2018 12:28
The issue with the CONFIRM ORDER button has been resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience!
HALO ADMIN 03/27/2018 13:20
We can ship to the Philippines, but need additional time to add the region. Thank you
James Carl 03/28/2018 01:48

If someone entered the giveaway multiple times with different accounts, what would happen?

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: We have controls in place to disqualify entrants who try to gain an unfair advantage. - Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

David McNeil 03/28/2018 05:39
Hi, love your guitars. What should I enter for the delivery option and is that included in the $3500? Thanks
Allen 03/28/2018 08:20

For some reason when I click the confirm order bottom I'm not getting the code. Is it supposed to got to my email or what?

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: If you don't receive an email notification, then you can find your Order ID in your Order History. We're working to finally fix our email notification issues today (3/28/2018).

kevin 03/28/2018 15:50
Hello! How do I make the order for free?
Dave Engel 03/29/2018 10:05
I saw a post that said multiple entries are not allowed but I also read 5 were allowed. What's the actual rule? Thanks! Dave
Nathanielle Alvarado 03/30/2018 22:40
Hello Halo Customs. I can't find the place "free order" or "free checkout". Are you still fixing your site today? I'm so excited to place my entry. Thank you for this opportunity!
Klim Chiryev 03/31/2018 09:31
How do I make changes to my order after having entered the competition?
Diego Castillo 03/31/2018 22:03
I can build more than one guitar and registrer in the giveaway? or i can only build one?
Derek Sasaki 04/01/2018 18:17
I would play this baby everyday and treasure it the rest of my life ! Hope this guitar would be in the family for generations ! This is a fine piece of art but should be played for musical enjoyment ! It is a musical instrument and should not collect dust ! Like all my guitars I play the hell out of them but I also take great care of them and should last a lifetime !
Christian David Arial 04/01/2018 19:12
Tried 5 times to create a custom Archtop and place a "FREE ORDER." The site didn't save my customizations, then wouldn't let me delete one, then attempted to charge my Venmo account... Would like to enter this contest before the 10th. Help?
carl allen 04/03/2018 15:40
free give away
William A Shuck 04/03/2018 16:42

I wasted my evening trying to enter this contest. There are multiple glitches in your system and I cannot do a "free order" or a "free checkout."

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: Sorry William! Please try updating your browser and clearing your browser cache. That usually fixes most glitches. We are receiving tons of free orders right now so it could be a temporary error. Sorry again... -Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

Len 04/03/2018 16:44

thought it was too good to be true. I customized a 7 String Archtop; valued at $4,200+ before I went back to re-read the rules and saw the $3,500 Max. Since your 7 strings start at $3,700, I cancelled. Was too good to be true. I'll keep playing my 1992 Ibanez UV7 that i got in 1992 for $1,100. Your guitars look nice, but above my price bracket. I'll be in touch after I hit a Power Ball Lotto.

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: Hi Len, sorry you weren't able to keep the price under $3500. The best way to keep it under $3500 is by starting with the "INITIAL" preset and customize from there. When doing that, you'll get a 7-string archtop starting at $1999. Hope this helps!- Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

NADIM THIERRY 04/03/2018 17:40
je participe VOLONTIERS.merci.
Shane Dyson 04/03/2018 18:15

I received an id number but the area to place the number doesn't seem to be working.

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: I sent you an email directly. You should be good to go now - Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

Ryan Jacob 04/04/2018 09:24
Even if I don't win (and I pray to god I do) it was really fun to play around with your customization tool. A guy can really get lost in there.
Ryan Burdett 04/04/2018 10:04
You guys literally rock!! I’m loving the option to let my mind run wild with creating potential dream machines. All of my favourite options are available to make the ultimate custom. It felt good to know that the perfect super strat may come my way for a stellar price thanks to the sweepstakes! It would be amazing to get a chance to own a custom Halo! Everything reviews wise shows you guys got the world of custom guitars covered. The guitar gods would be proud
Christian Arial 04/04/2018 11:59

Live the idea of this contest and created a design, but at first it wouldn't save. 6th time was the charm, but the checkout process wouldn't work. It kept trying to charge my Venmo/PayPal account. Help?

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: Not sure what's going on here. Please reply to the email I sent you directly. Thank you - Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

Drew Russell 04/04/2018 13:40

Hi just a quick question, I customized a guitar and ordered it through the "free checkout" but I haven't received a code to enter into the widget above. Any ideas?

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: Please check the email I sent you directly. Thank you - Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

Calvin 04/05/2018 22:43
I've submitted my dream bass for the sweep stakes. Looking forward to my Winner notification. You guys make sweet guitars! I love my 6 string Halo Covenant.
Carlos Cordova 04/06/2018 15:35

Hi, I completed my order for the Guitar Giveaway, but I missed the Order ID in order to enter the number in the widget. How can I get it back? or do i submit another one? Thanks for your assistance. Regards! Carlos

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: Please check the email I sent you directly. Thank you - Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

Bruce Fontaine 04/07/2018 14:58
I've got to win my creation!
Marcio Douglas 04/10/2018 11:45
Hi! I just did my dream bass, checked the "free order" but it shows a $3,558.56 value in order history. Isn't it supposed to be free?
Christopher Flores 04/10/2018 17:39
Limit of guitar designs? :DDDDD
Kib 04/11/2018 06:03
Pretty awesome giveaway guys!
Bruce 04/11/2018 12:39
Congrats! (though I thought this was US only)
Ronel Guevarra 04/25/2018 05:36
dreaming to win a give away guitar of ur own design, hope to have 1 of your build, from philippines
Olona Emmanuel 09/11/2018 03:47
A free acoustic guitar
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