In March 2018, we decided to run a sweepstakes with the prize being a free custom build valued at up to $3500. The sweepstakes page is located here if you're interested.

In this blog article, I'll be posting updates as we document key stages of the build process, so you can see what goes on behind the scenes here at Halo in terms of actually building and bringing these custom guitars to life.

“I’ve always wanted to own my own custom guitar and being fortunate to have won this sweepstakes has made that dream become a reality. When I customized the guitar I wanted it to suit the heavy songs I like to play and write but also still have room for some nice cleans. This guitar will be a great addition to my arsenal and I can’t wait to start writing new songs with it for my band, Hunt for Home.” - Luke G.

Here are just some quick updates:

We're building the guitar body from one of these Black Limba body blanks we just received from one of our tone wood vendors, Maderas Barber:

And we'll be installing Jescar Jumbo Stainless Steel frets on the scalloped Ebony fretboard:

But before all that, we need to study the full specs of the build and communicate with the winner, Luke, any concerns or suggestions we might have with the specs. We do this with all our customers just to make sure the final product truly delivers on every level. It's also a good opportunity to make any final tweaks as we can all be a little indecisive at times ;) 

Full Specs for reference:

DexterityRight Hand
Construction MethodBolt On
Scale Length28"
Body ShapeMERUS
ContourForearm & Tummy Cut
Wood/MaterialBlack Limba Body with Poplar Burl Top
Body Finish (Top)Natural (Satin)
Body Finish (Sides/Back)

Natural (Satin)

Headstock ShapeReverse Inline
Wood/Material13-Piece Maple/Walnut

Ebony with 16" Radius, Half Scalloped

Headstock FinishNatural (Satin)
Neck FinishNatural (Satin)
Frets/SizeJescar, Jumbo, 24, Stainless Steel
Side DotsLuminlay
Fingerboard BindingMaple with Purfling (Black/White/Black)

Zero Fret with GraphTech Black TUSQ XL String Guide

Hardware ColorBlack
Bridge SystemTOM String Through Body
PickupsBare Knuckle Aftermath (Bridge); Bare Knuckle Juggernaut (Neck)
Control Pattern1 Volume & 3-Way Toggle Switch
CaseHalo Custom Fitted Hard Case

More updates to come...

Thanks for reading!

Comments: 7
Connor 04/11/2018 12:58

Wow... thats... an ugly, basic, boring and overall disappointing build. Honestly don't know why it was a random winner, when I'm sure there were hundreds of gorgeous creations submitted that would actually turn out aesthetically pleasing and actually be worth all the video updates you're going to use this build for. I think we need a break, Halo. We need to see other people.

Alli 04/11/2018 16:20
Wow... that's a beautiful guitar and Luke is extremely lucky to have won it, all the best to him and his band!
John 04/11/2018 20:17
Wow how stoked would you be to own that. Sick guitar Luke, hope you get many years of playing pleasure out of it, wish I had won..
Joe B 04/12/2018 05:36
Congratulations Luke! I'm looking forward to seeing this progress.
Stefano Maddalena 04/12/2018 11:26

Congrats, but I still prefer mine. What made Halo choose that one? just curious

HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: Because this was a sweepstakes, the winner was chosen randomly (powered by

A. C. 04/28/2018 11:24

More updates when?

Halo Admin Response: We'll be posting more updates within another week or so and throughout the rest of the build process. Thanks! - Jeff Lee, Halo Custom Guitars

Lia 06/08/2018 19:40
Love this guitar! When will the updates be up? Keen to see how it's going?
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