Last month we announced a new scalloped fretboard guitar model (CLARUS-6) would be produced. 

We designed it to play faster, stay in tune better, require less maintenance, and feature choice woods to elevate it to a level above the rest of the scalloped fretboard guitars on the market.

Well, it's been a month and we didn't waste any time. We sourced all the woods and other materials needed for this small batch of guitars and got busy making them. Here are some progress photos:

(Above: rough work done on the scalloped fretboards; mother of pearl offset dot inlays installed; Luminlay sidemarkers installed; fret slots cut; neck profiles done)

(Above: roasted maple neck + zebrawood fretboard + Luminlay sidemarkers)

(Above: we use a CNC router to get consistent depths on the scallops)

(Above: the original spec for this model was a solid black neck, but the roasted maple complements the zebrawood fretboard so well.... we just decided to keep the necks natural!)

(Above: we'll be using machine screws to bolt the necks onto the bodies because they do a better job at keeping the necks in place compared to the more common wood screws used on most bolt-on neck guitars)

(Above: swamp ash bodies with flamed maple caps will look and sound great and be light weight too)

(Above: these scalloped fretboard guitars will be equipped with Schaller Lockmeister tremolo bridges and custom Halo Windstorm pickups)

(Above: book matched flamed maple caps...)

(Above: these drop top flamed maple caps will get a natural masked edge to give the appearance of binding)

Head over to the product page to order yours today.

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