If you've ever considered a scalloped fretboard guitar, this model is worth paying attention to! Order here

Key features make this guitar the clear choice above every other scalloped fretboard guitar. 

Model: Halo CLARUS-6 with scalloped fretboard

What makes the Halo CLARUS-6 scalloped fretboard guitar the best? 

The CLARUS-6 plays faster, stays in tune better, requires less maintenance, and features choice woods that elevate this guitar above the rest.


A common gripe with the other guitars out there had to do with the glossy finish on the neck. Some players just suffered through the stickiness/slowness. Others couldn't tolerate it and sanded the finish off their new guitar! To address this problem, we've gone with our super-thin, open pore satin finish on the back of the neck. This is the thinnest and fastest finish we offer. 


Another complaint had to do with the guitars going out of tune every time the vibrato was used. Although a proper setup and some lubrication in the nut should be sufficient to keep the guitar from going out of tune, it still can't rival the tuning stability of a double locking tremolo system. That's why we've equipped the CLARUS-6 with the Schaller Lockmeister (made in Germany). It just stays in tune better!


Stainless steel frets. Roasted Maple neck. Machine screws. These three features mean less maintenance and more playing over the life of the guitar. 

The other guitars out there have nickel silver frets in them. We love nickel silver frets, but when it comes to longevity and low maintenance, nothing beats stainless steel. You're sure to find fret wear, tarnish and an overall less-than-new feeling with nickel silver frets if you play a lot. Not the case with stainless steel. You won't find fret wear or tarnish on your stainless steel frets and they'll feel glassy-new every time you pick up your guitar. In addition, the CLARUS-6 neck is crafted with roasted maple, which is "much more dimensionally stable." This means less maintenance in the cold/dry/winter months when necks tend to get shifty. And finally, because we've gone with machine screws (instead of wood screws) to attach the neck to the body, the occasional neck re-alignment is a thing of the past. This might be a non-issue for most people, but if you've been around enough bolt-on neck guitars, you'll know that the wood screws loosen up over time, causing the neck to be misaligned and the High E string to be so close to the edge of the fretboard that it'll be prone to slide right off the edge every time you go to fret it. Machine screws have much more clamping strength than wood screws so the neck stays right where you want it for the long haul. 


Certain wood combinations have been done over and over again because they work. But, we've gone the extra mile with the wood selection for the CLARUS-6 in order to create something truly special. We wanted something light weight and responsive, so Swamp Ash was the winner for the body's core wood. To make the body really stand out, we added a drop top AAA+ Flamed Maple Cap with natural masked edges to give the appearance of binding. Finally, we chose a Zebrawood fretboard for its complementary grain patterns and natural beauty. 

Click here to check out some in-progress build photos 

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